About iprint3DX

Imagining something and then having it majically materialize in front of you is no longer science fiction.  With the advent and pefection of 3D Printing technologies and 3D Design Software a few years ago, people now have the ability to realize their dream creations in a matter of minnutes.  

iprint3DX was created by a small team of technology veterans to make 3D Printing Technology available to everyone.  While 3D Printing has been available for several years in the industrial marketplace, prices were previously too high for most people to afford.  However, advancement of 3D Printing technologies and cost improvements through mass production has allowed printers to go from the Industrial R&D departments of large corporations to the desks and homes of everyday people.  iprint3DX prides itself on only working with the best suppliers and providing the best service in this early industry.  

Please browse our online catalog of personal 3D Printers and Materials.  You'll find that our prices are affordable, our products are made with top quality, and we pleadge to provide you unsurpassed service now and as long as you are our customer!